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Listed below is our Coaching SOP & Special Information


Coaching SOP

Gym Opening

  1. Arrive 10 minutes before class
  2. Turn on lights in the children’s room and lights for the main gym
  3. If it’s hot, turn on both sets of fans
  4. Log Into Wodify, Turn on TVS, set up the Workout & the leader board

  5. Write the Workout on the white board

Before Class

  1. Arrive 10 minutes before class
  2. Make sure you are logged into wodify
  3. Check the bathrooms for paper products - hand towels & toilet paper
  4. Check the trash, compact trash if it is full
  5. Greet each member by name at least one time
  6. For New Trial members, make sure they are actually new / Local (not just drop ins trying to get a free class)
  7. Introduce Trial Members to the whole class, and make sure existing members introduce themselves
  8. Before the start of class, pull beginner & trial members to the white board to briefly review all elements of the work out and make sure they are comfortable


  1. Simple Sign in every member
    1. If sign in fails (no waiver/contract etc.) please ask member to rectify prior to joining the class. 
  2. Read the coaches notes for special instructions and announcements
  3. Log WOD scores after each workout

After Class

  1.  Log all scores for the members, have them yell out their scores
  2. Encourage athletes to clean their equipment and put it away.
  3. Put up ropes, bikes, and rowers that are left out. 
  4. Turn out all lights
  5. Erase whiteboard (after last class of the day)
  6. Shut laptop, turn off TV, turn off clock
  7. Turn off Both Big Ass Fans, and the 4 smaller fans (by the electrical box) 
  8. Check paper products
  9. Lock BOTH sides of the garage door for all of the garage doors.

  10. Check to make sure none of the Air Conditioning panels are on (personal training room & near the bathroom)
  11. Go out childrens room, turn off light switch, and lock door. 


 Helpful Information


General Wodify Help Video 


Equipment Request Link


Maintenance Request Link