• August 16, 2015
  • By Brock McCord
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How I lost 70lbs. in 8 months at CFTC



For those of you who do not know me or are reading this testimony wondering if CrossFit is for me like I did just a few short months ago, my name is Brock McCord. My entire life I have been one of the heaviest kids whether it was in my grade at school or even on the football team at my high school. After I finished football in November of 2014 I knew I wanted to lose all of this baggage that I had been carrying around my entire life but I had no idea on where to begin. I always wondered how I would be able to keep motivated just going to the local gym without any football coach or fellow teammates’ motivation which I received during my years playing football. That is when I happened to just stumble upon CrossFit Town Center through a (extremely strong) recommendation from my dad. I remember me and my mom walking into Luke’s office talking about what to expect and the family environment that CrossFit Town Center offered and at that moment I knew I had found home right then and there. After and during my first workout, (which happened to be 5 rounds of 15 overhead squat and 250 meter row, YIKES!) the motivation that I received from complete strangers at the time was unbelievable. People right off the bat knew my name and were waiting until I finished in order to go home and re-rack their weights. Like I said earlier, I knew that I had found home and before I knew it I was completely addicted and it quickly became something I looked forward to each day. That first day I walked in those doors I weighed 310 pounds and at the time of writing this I currently weigh 240 pounds feeling better than I have ever felt in my life.

If I could give a couple pieces of advice to someone who is on the fence about whether or not to try CrossFit Town Center or not, one would be realizing that 95% of losing weight comes outside of the gym. There are 23 hours in the day when you are not working out and no matter how hard you push yourself in the gym, it can be erased in a matter of minutes with unhealthy eating habits. My second piece of advice would definitely be to just come in and try a class. I understand the stereotype for CrossFit is a bunch of huge muscular guys and ladies who throw a bunch of weight around but at CFTC, we are anything but that. Everyone is in different stages and I can guarantee you there is nothing intimidating because everyone working out beside you cares about you and CFTC without a doubt has the best coaches around. Thirdly, find a group of people that you can push, and they can push you to be better as well. For me without a doubt I can thank Brad Mize, Leslie Cronin, Trevor Ross, Brandon Bush, Matt Barnes and Read Hammond. Without them there is no way I could have been successful in staying motivated like I have. And lastly, set specific goals. For example, at the moment my goal is to be able to do ten double unders unbroken (currently I am at 4), previously it was ten pull-ups. Setting small specific goals is crucial to staying motivated and becoming better at any movement or any personal goal you may have.

Thanks for reading my testimony and I hope I was able to clarify any stereotypes or other concerns about whether or not to come in and try a class or coming to a one on one class! Best of


Brock McCord