• October 28, 2014
  • By Claire Talley
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Finding Home

For those of you who don’t know my background, I am not what you would call a “sporty” person, even though I love watching football and so wish I could hit a baseball. (I’m sure our softball team from last year wishes the same thing! Sorry y’all!) I have danced my whole life and dance is still a major part of my everyday routine. Never had I lifted weights or done any sort of training past stretching and core strengthening movements. So, you need to understand when I say, I never imagined myself doing CrossFit. Ever.

The type of exercises on my radar were not effective-- The elliptical just wasn’t cutting it and I had a legitimate fear of walking into the weights area, because I had no clue what to do with them. I felt ridiculous, like I didn’t belong. So, I pretty much steered clear. I don’t know if a rut is what I was stuck in, but I hated the routine I was in. Walking into the gym, getting on a machine for however long and not talking to a single person while I was there. I was surrounded by people just putting in their time. No friends. No support. No fun.

I had some friends that had started CrossFitting, but I thought everything they were doing sounded crazy. I cringed when they told me about their workouts, with a smile on their faces. No way was I going to lift 95 lbs over my head. Pull-ups were laughable to me. The biggest thing going through my head was, I am not in “good enough shape” to even consider walking into a box and trying this whole thing out.

I finally caved. I tried a friend’s box in Houston and tried a couple others but never had that warm and fuzzy feeling like I belonged. I chalked it up as a loss. I had given it a shot, right?  About 2 months later, I decided to try again. Thanks to a good friend, and some heavy convincing, we walked into CFTC together to give it a whirl.

I cannot remember my first workout (box jumps maybe?), because I felt like I’d been hit by a very large train... You know that feeling! Something I can remember was the buzz going on around me. As I stood up, and put my equipment away the rest of the class was congratulating me with high fives and fist bumps. Right there. That was the moment I was hooked.

The key for me to sticking with CrossFit was finding the right place. Different CrossFits offer different environments. If you have ever visited another box, you know this is true, and it was so apparent when I walked into CFTC that first afternoon- they offered what I needed. A positive atmosphere where I felt comfortable trying something new.

So many of us in the CrossFit world talk about the community of CrossFit. Community is one of the things that keeps us going in a WOD, and  the reason we keep coming back for more. The people are everything. Walking in for your usual afternoon class after being gone for a week, and having multiple people telling you (genuinely) that you were missed is what this is all about. That’s accountability. You have a built in support system. A support system that wants to see you succeed every day.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the first or last to finish that day. You might not lift what the person next to you is lifting, and it’s ok! That’s not what this is about. It matters that you showed up, put in the work and gave it YOUR all. That has been my biggest takeaway from this whole CF experience. It’s a lot easier to succeed when you have your family cheering you on!