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Stretch/Mobility/Skill of Choice

Bench or Floor Press - 60% 1x3, 65% 1x2, 70% 1x2, 80% 1x1, 5x10 Back Extensions, Hollow Body Rocks, Glute Bridges***Can use BB, DB or KBs to press with or without a bench. If using a single weight and unable to increase, do 5 sets of 10 reps (5x10) or no weights = Push Ups 5x10. can try to push up on an incline or on a KB to make it harder***

For Time: 2 Rounds, Row 50 Cal, 50 Alt. DB Snatch (50/35)***AT HOME: No Rower = ski, run, bike, jump rope (300 DUs/500 singles), 50 step ups with or without DBs, even a 400m brisk walk or farmers carry (with groceries!), can use DB, KB or BB (cut reps to 25 with weight at 115/75) for snatches. No equipment = 50 star jumps***

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