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Stretch/Mobility/Skill of Choice

Back Squat and Strict Press - 60% 1x3, 65% 1x2, 70% 1x2, 80% 1x1***AT HOME: Use any type of weight to press overhead or do handstand push ups (strict) if possible). Use any method of getting weight on your back, BB, DBs, Sandbag, Weighted Vest. For those with no BB or the ability to increase to a heavy weight, do 5 sets of 10 reps (5x10) or 5x20 Air Squats***

For Time: 10 Rounds, 5 Power Cleans (185/125), 100m Sandbag/Weighted Run (whatever weight you have!) ***AT HOME: Can do double DB or KB cleans. Or even single. Cannot clean = 20 hard count plank knee to elbow, 2 wall walks, run. Point here is to keep moving. For the run, grab a weight and go - sandbag, med ball, vest thrown over your shoulder, a plate, a bag of water bottles***

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