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Stretch/Mobility/Skill of Choice

4x9 Strict Weighted C2B Pull Ups, 100 Single Leg V-Ups For Time ***AT HOME: Pull Ups can be a single or double arm row with a DB or KB if a pull up bar is not accessible. Scale number of V-Ups if necessary*** We will do the V-Up challenge regularly so keep track of your time so you can beat it when we do it again!

EMOM 21: 1. 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20), 2. 8 OH Lunges (ec 135/95), 3. 50 DUs/100 Singles ***AT HOME: Burpee/sprawl and broad jump if no box, OH Lunge with any weight and can do 4 each arm every round if using a single DB or KB or lunges without weight, No jump rope = 25 Jumping Jacks***

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