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Stretch/Mobility/Skill of Choice

Deadlift - 60% 1x3, 65% 1x2, 70% 1x2, 80% 1x1, 4 x 250m Sprint Rows/Ski/Run w/1 Minute of Rest Between, ***AT HOME: Use any type of weight to deadlift using proper form, can even be single leg deadlifts. For the sprint, make it a cardio push - run, row, bike (1/4 mile), ski***

4 Rounds - AMRAP 3: 30 Second Plank on Elbows, 10 DB Push Press (50/35), 15 Ab Mat Sit Ups, Wall Balls (20/14) for Reps, Rest 2 Minutes ***AT HOME: Push press with a BB, DB or KB - use DBs if you have them. Any weight to press overhead will work. No wall ball = thrusters with less weight than the push press. Can be an empty barbell, a single DB or KB held in Goblet position with both hands***

All the sprinting today! We are deloading this week if you are still following the strength program with plans to max next week if you can. Miss you guys!!

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